Babies with Zika virus malformations

Babies with Zika virus malformations

4 years, 16 days ago

Three babies were born with malformations associated with infection with the Zika virus, and three others appear as probable cases. The most common malformation is microcephaly, but other associated complications may also occur as part of congenital zika syndrome (SZC) or congenital syndrome associated with zika. Health authorities had predicted the increase in this type of cases. Only last year, it was possible to confirm with laboratory tests the infection with this virus of 150 pregnant women. Of these, between 25% and 30% has already given birth.

In 2016, two children were born with microcephaly associated with zika virus. It is estimated that between 1% and 5% of pregnant women who have tested positive for zika may have babies with health problems associated with the virus infection. So far this year, the number of pregnant women with zika amounts to 21, the Ministry of Health reported.

The Zika virus is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which infects dengue and chikunguña. According to the latest epidemiological bulletin, there are 130 confirmed patients from 640 cases reported so far this year. The Congenital Infections Clinic of the National Children's Hospital follow a group of 60 children, as there is evidence that children of zika positive mothers can develop complications in the first months of life. Although the most common problem associated with this virus is microcephaly - smaller than normal skull -, congenital zika syndrome also includes visual and auditory disorders, difficulties in breathing or swallowing, and muscular and behavioral disorders.

Health authorities call on pregnant women to protect themselves from the sting of Aedes aegypti, using repellents, mosquito nets and long sleeve and trousers. Condom use is also recommended during sexual intercourse during pregnancy, as transmission of the virus through sexual contact is confirmed.

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